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Lights On® is an educational portal that offers invaluable tools and techniques that will help you grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Mission Kits
explore a variety of topics designed to help you find your purpose and awaken destiny. Mission Kits are FREE to all journeyers. Additional products and services are provided to support your journey.

Mission Kit Topics Include:

Mission Kit 1 – Your Spiritual Team

YOU are not alone on your journey! You have been equipped with the most powerful team imaginable. Discover more about your Spiritual Team by participating in this mission topic.

Mission Kit 2 – Communicating with your Spiritual Team

Communicating with your Spiritual Team is like playing football. They are the quarterbacks; you are the receiver. Learn valuable practice drills and become a pro at receiving more messages!

Mission Kit 3 – Understanding Your Higher Self

How well do you know your Higher Self? And, how well do you know your Ego? Allow the wise, all-knowing teacher that exists within to reveal the truth.

Mission Kit 4 – The Importance of Your Higher Self

We are blessed to be alive at this moment because we are on the brink of spiritual evolution. Find out why opening your heart and merging with your Higher Self are key pieces to the biggest puzzle of all!

Mission Kit 5 – The Higher Self of the Group

Now that you understand your Higher Self and how it relates to the bigger picture, find out how to merge with the Higher Self of relationships and groups! Set your intentions, make your wishes and be prepared to grow exponentially!

Mission Kit 6 – Understanding Essence

Essence is the fundamental nature or quality of a substance. Discover why understanding your essence is key to finding your purpose!

Mission Kit 7 – Finding Your Essence

There are three key questions that will help you discover your essence. Do you know the answers? Join the journey and discover what exists within! Test fire this Sample Mission Kit NOW!

Mission Kit 8 - Attracting Essence

Now that you know your essence. What is the essence you want to attract to you? Go deeper to uncover how to attract all that you desire.

Mission Kit 9 - Finding Your Purpose

Are you struggling to find your purpose? It is easy to become misled. Discover how to stop making false assumptions and start moving in the right direction.




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Since the beginning, Lights On® has been an intuitively inspired idea.  Have you heard this captivating story?   How Lights On® Got Started. 

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