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Join the millions of others who are embarking on their personal journey of discovery, purpose and destiny!

  • Have you always known you have a purpose to fulfill?
  • Do you need a boost to get there?
  • Would you like to travel with other "light-minded" people?

BLAST OFF with us as we countdown to a new, more fulfilled YOU.

Lights On® is a FREE, online educational portal of Self discovery for finding purpose and awakening destiny. Using state-of-the-art technology, Lights On® is igniting the spiritual awakening of humanity and forging new frontiers by providing easy-to-use, transformative tools and enlightening content to open hearts and illuminate minds.

Through light and lively webisodes, along with downloads and forums, journeyers engage the heart and mind to explore beyond time and space to fully seek “where no wo/man has gone before.” Each journey is unique unto its traveler, and as your virtual experience unfolds, you’ll voyage toward the purpose and destiny, waiting especially for you
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Lights On®
offers FREE online monthly Mission Kits, which include the following:

* Mission Topics Each Mission Kit topic explores a different concept, such as Communicating with your Spiritual Team, Understanding Your Essence and Finding Your Purpose. View the webisodes at your leisure and in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy the ride! Read More.

* Homeplays
Have a blast doing fun, downloadable exercises that reveal more about the associated Mission Topic. These tools, exercises and techniques are designed to help you turbo charge your own personal growth by integrating the concepts you’ve just discovered.

* Light Bulb Moments Discussion Forum
Share your insights, revelations and wisdom with fellow journeyers at the interactive forum. Fire your engines and propel your dreams to another level. Join with others to explore revolutionary ideas and new dimensions.

Lights On BrightDon’t wait a minute longer. Don’t get left behind! Come see what's catching on at warp speed!  Test fire one of our sample Mission Kits today and learn how to blast off by viewing our Launch Pad Celebration.

As part of your crew, we look forward to personally greeting each one of you soon! Whether your journey is personal or business-minded
Lights On® is pioneering the path to your destiny and fulfillment. Sign Up Today!

Welcome aboard!
Amy Tang and Eileen Faye Oliva
Fellow Journeyers and Founders of Lights On®



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What Our Members Are Saying...

"I have never considered myself a "Finding Purpose" and "Awakening Destiny" kind of person, but thank goodness I am a curious person.  Curiosity is what brought me to my first Mission Kit, but the amazing affect each subsequent Mission Kit has had on me as a person is what keeps me coming back. These Mission Kits are so interesting and inspiring and there is a progression to the topics and messages shared. Each message is stated simply, but they are so meaningful and enlightening - each has made a huge impact on me."
- Lisa, San Francisco

"For over a year, I've been sensing that I'm in the early stages of "awakening." I'd been feeling persistent "nudges", in the form of a series of remarkable coincidences in my life, followed by the very frequent and persistent appearance of a specific number (11:11, 11.11, 11/11).  This past November 11 (yes 11/11) I was blessed to discover Lights On - everything Amy and Eileen said made so much sense and their intentions felt so genuine and pure.  As I explore and ponder each new mission kit, I feel I'm awakening just a little bit more - and I've noticed that as I absorb and understand the messages, more and more information and opportunities are popping up on my path. I've noticed, too, that habitual behaviours and/or thought patterns that I've carried for as long as I can remember suddenly don't "fit" anymore - they feel clumsy and awkward and are just not part of me anymore - they fall away and I open and grow just a little bit more.
- Mary, British Columbia, Canada
“I am so happy to have found Lights On®, on 11/11. Thanks so much ladies. Ever since I completed my first Mission Kit, I was surprised with the peace I felt. That same peace continues with me every day. I really believe that all of us have a mission in life and now I am ready to go through it with all the support and wisdom offered by Lights On®."

- Emma, Mexico

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Why Lights On

To find your purpose and awaken your destiny.

To grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

To share your wisdom with other "light-minded" individuals who are also on the journey of seeking personal fulfillment.

To participate in the spiritual awakening of humanity!

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